STAMPS Field Trial

Share your experience of the city

What is it?

This is an academic research project of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

STAMPS is a little application that allows you to leave notes on a map using your mobile phone. You can see a map of the place where you are, visualised on the screen of your mobile. There, you can write a kind of SMS and attach it to the map so that other friends can see your message appearing on their map. You can write for instance: “this is my favorite pizzeria!”, to offer advice to your buddies. All the messages left in the system say something about the city where you live: what are the sport locations, the place to eat, the meeting spots. After a while, we want to use all these information to help the users to ‘navigate’ the city. You can ask the system, for instance: “where is a pizzeria nearby?”, and the system will search for other people’s messages which refer to the term pizzeria to give you an advice.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a group of ‘activists’, friends, who like to walk the city and annotate the spots they like the most, the places they hate. If you want to participate in this trial you need to be passionate about your city, informed on the activities running in the surroundings and ready to share this information with your friends. We expect from you to participate intensively for the next few months leaving notes of your activities in the urban area.

What is it for you?

If you will be selected for the first trial all the connection costs that you will have to use the system will be reimbursed. If your telephone is not compatible with our software, we will give you a new one for the period of the trial. The most creative and active participants will be awarded with a monetary prize.

How can I apply for participating?

Please send an email to shoutspace[at] with your coordinates, your telephone model and your operator. If you apply with your friends you will have more chances to be selected. Please add the coordinates of your friends to the message.

Trial Flyer

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2 Responses to “STAMPS Field Trial”

  • Got here from Pasta & Vinegar. I wonder, have you seen my friend John Geraci’s project FoundCity? It was his thesis at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, where we both got our master’s from last year.

  • Dear Mauro

    Very interested in participating in Stamp test phase in field.
    I think this could be usefull in long term in terms of redefining our space with regards to people who may have similar interest.
    Can also see a Bladerunner or 5th Element type impact where adds are downloaded onto phone or pda that are directly linked to stamp or stamp derived applications.
    In any case my coordianrtes are
    Sony 750i
    Location : geneva
    Operator: swisscom.

    Thanks in advance


    Will try to get friends enrolled in test as well.

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