Visualizing Blog Conversation

Anjo Anjewierden has worked on this idea of visualising the dialogical communication that happens sometimes in blogs trackbacks, comments and pinging. I found it extremely interesting even if in my practice is not so evident how this would add an extra value (I usually get few comments and turn conversation is very rare).

However, besides my personal skepticisms, Anjo tried to log a couple of conversation and to visualise them using the following schema:

Left to right is time (the data was 2004 posts of KM bloggers). Top to bottom is chronological order of a blogger entering the conversation. Colours are: blue (both links to and is linked from other posts in the conversation), red (is linked from in the conversation), green (links to the conversation). Note that posts by the same blogger on (nearly) the same day overlap each other (one pixel is one day).

For the example above, it is easy to see the “conversation” continues for a while (first post is Feb. 26, 2004 and last is Dec. 31, 2004).



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