Forrest Wilson

Forrest Wilson is a professor of architecture and an artist. Until August 1974 he was Director of the School of Architecture, Design and Planning at Ohio University’s College of Fine Arts. Since then he has been serving as chairman at the department of Architecture and planning at Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. ( He has taught at Pratt Institute in New York City and San Carlos in Mexico City, and he has lectured at Yale, and other institutions. He was formerly editor of the magazine Progressive Architecture, and he has studied art, design and Building Science in San Francisco, Paris and New York City.

1 Response to “Forrest Wilson”

  • He’s a great thinker, a great man. He strikes me as the Studs Terkle of the Architecture world – bluecollar in nature, analytical & well-read to the core.
    I grouped him with two other current architects for a jury. He reviewed projects with wisdom, not current trends. He was also politicaly adroit, a skill learned from surviving in academia.
    He also looks remarkably like Dagwood Bumstead’s boss.

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